Izzy (2 year old) listening to Chris Tomlin singing Our God. She is completely feeling it. She hasn’t spent much time in “Big” Church but for sure knows what to do. She truly has the Christian feeling Filled with the abundance of God’s love she grins ear to ear with a big smile – closes her eyes and throws her hands towards the Heavens.

You can see the pure joy on her face being fully connected to the song playing in the background The bible says, “Unless you become like little children you cannot enter the kingdom of Heaven.” Why? Because children are without the feelings of guilt and shame and can take God for who He truly is, which is 100% love and acceptance. If we humble and love ourselves like little children do, we can rest in His Presence like she did. For Jesus came to give us a relationship with Him- a relationship of inner peace. That’s why He said the Kingdom of God is within us -not outside of us. We all can call on this love and it’s only a decision away – so DO IT.

Watch little Izzy and I bet she’ll bring a SMILE to our face.

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