What button would you press to give a positive turn to your life? Your answer will determine how you feel at the moment

Colors have a lot of importance in life, and it is no coincidence that there are some that are prevalent around us. Our choice of colors always has to do with a way of being or with a certain mood.

The colors have been the object of many researches and, as we all know, are one of the pillars of marketing. Color choice has also been studied in the psychological field, for example, Max Lüscher, a psychotherapist and Swiss sociologist, is the inventor of the famous “Lüscher Color Test”, through which it is possible to analyze the mood of a individual according to the colors chosen; This test is also used for recruiting US Navy personnel and in a number of other areas.

That is why today we are challenging you to do this test to determine what are the feelings that currently prevail in you.

The question is: if I knew that by pressing one of these buttons your life would have a positive turn, what would you choose?


If you chose the red button it’s because you are a very intense person, and you feel that you have much more to give than you are giving.

You want to make a good start in your work, improve your grades, or be the best partner you could ever want.

No matter what aspect of life it is, at this time the only thing you want is to distinguish yourself and be the best. Do you recognize yourself in choosing the color?


If you press the yellow button means you are in a very optimistic moment of your life. Feel that things can really go well and you’re not afraid of risking.

You are full of confidence in yourself, but not in an irrational way. You know very well and trust in your abilities. Do you recognize yourself in choosing the color?


The orange color you choose means that you always try to overcome yourself. But not for huge projects, but you do it in detail and small things, or what you think really important. You know that a long journey always begins with a small step and that’s exactly what motivates you: take a step at a time.

Enjoy every little success, you know where you are going. Do you recognize yourself in choosing the color?


You find yourself in the midst of a constant struggle for choice between security and freedom. If you chose green, you are a person who likes to be quiet and always looking for safety.

Sometimes you end up preferring situations where you feel comfortable and in harmony to do what you like. You are a great friend and companion, but you should start giving priority to what really makes you happy. Do you recognize yourself in choosing the color?


If the rose was your choice, you are passing a good time of your life and you want to enjoy it all the way. You want to live up to the moment and you do not want to lose even a moment.

It’s nice that you are ready to catch the moment, but be careful not to stay too much on the clouds, otherwise going back to the ground will be difficult. Do you recognize yourself in choosing the color?


If you chose the purple it is because you have come to a time of your life in which, after much effort, you have been able to gain confidence in yourself. You are a very sensitive person and you understand that taking care of yourself and giving you the right value is the best way you have to relate to the world and to others.

You are at a time when you do not care what people say. Give priority to what makes you happy. Do you recognize yourself in choosing the color?


People who choose blue color live in complete harmony with themselves and with what surrounds them. At least it is the one they aspire to, and that is why, in this sense, it is better for them than others.

If you chose this color, you are always looking for balance and, in fact, have been able to reach it in different areas of your life. Finding the perfect balance is almost impossible, but you enjoy and love to try to find it. Do you recognize yourself in choosing the color?


If gray is the color you choose, you are in a very rational moment of your life; even if you have not always been able to do so, you now prefer to give priority to the head rather than the feelings.

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