These 6 Zodiac Signs Have The Most Sex

What’s your sign–and is it one of the 6 most sexually active zodiac signs? An update to the classic pickup line can help introduce this article.

As a Virgo–I really don’t care about horoscopes. I never believed in anything having to do with psychics. Although I believed in Miss Cleo because Miss Cleo believed in Miss Cleo–and also because I didn’t want her to put a hex on me. I don’t need to be hexed. I just saw a man vomit while trying to refinance my student loan–that’s not a joke it’s just a fact. You know what? I may have been hexed already.


I remember going to a psychic with my friend Megan. It was on the second floor of a building in midtown and I was really uncomfortable waiting for her there–mainly because I was sitting on a stark white couch. And it’s not like I could hide it even if I did mess it up, the psychic would’ve known. I told Megan she had to go in by herself; I didn’t want to know my fortune. What if it was bad? I was certainly better off not knowing in advance that I was going to have to watch a man vomit while refinancing my student loan. Ignorance is bliss. But some people have to know; they want to prepare.

Astrology is a study of the movements of the stars and other celestial bodies which some believe affect our lives. The impact changes and varies on the positions of these celestial bodies. There are different ways of reading our fate with the use of astrology. We have the tarot cards, psychic readings, and horoscopes. The latter is where the zodiac signs take part. There are 12 zodiac signs represented by their respective symbols. Some believe that there are signs compatible with each other, but not all people believe in astrology reading or zodiac signs–case in point, me. Some would blame their fate on the zodiac signs. Either way it’s interesting to think about and no matter what our signs are, we can help create our fate.

Speaking of fate–love, like the stars, is in the air. And by love I mean the physical act of love, or as it is better known–sex. Sex is NOT going out of style anytime soon as evidenced by The 10 Most Sexually Active Countries in the World. But does your zodiac sign have anything do to with your sex life? Probably not at all.

Still, as I said, it is fun to evaluate the descriptions of the 12 zodiac signs in order to determine the most sexually active. These signs can act as our guide but let us always remember that we hold the key to our life and not staining white couches.

Let’s check out which zodiac signs made it to our list of the 6 most sexually active zodiac signs.

6. Aries

Bearing the symbol of the super sexy ram and under the ruling planet of Mars, Aries women are active when it comes to sex while men are quite unpredictable as they are not willing to wait for you to be ready in bed. Aries belongs to the element of fire. What’s hotter than fire? Seriously what?

5. Pisces

For a Pisces, you shouldn’t be a boring lover. The number 5 ob our list of most sexually active zodiac signs is is not choosy on any sex position but as long as you don’t stick to one. You have to switch things up or they will keep on swimming. This zodiac sign has a symbol of a fish to which obviously this is an element of water. The ruling planet is Neptune.

4. Libra

You have to have an intellect in interacting with a Libra before you can get them to have sex. But once you get acquainted, it will reveal that they are romantic and I believe this is because their ruling planet is Venus. Better be ready for the foreplay because a quick sex will not impress them. Libra is under the element of air with the sign of scales which represents balance.

3. Taurus

Since Taurus is quite touchy, it would be a pleasure to them if you often caress them and just like Libra, the foreplay is the most important part. You have to put effort on it to achieve a sensual and satisfying sex. The element of Taurus is earth and the sign is a bull, so don’t try to seduce them by waving red boxers or lingerie. The ruling planet is Venus. Now, let’s see the top two most sexually active zodiac signs.

2. Virgo

When you are with a Virgo, your excellent sexual moves must be ready–ahem. They like their partners to be physically attractive as well. I mean, who doesn’t? This has the sign of a maiden and the element is earth. Virgo’s ruling planet is Mercury.

1. Aquarius

A person under the Aquarius zodiac sign is not an expressive type when it comes to feelings, however, if we talk about sex they set no boundaries. Out from the norm sex partner is what they prefer, so grab a safe word. The ruling planet of Aquarius is Uranus and the sign is water-bearer. Its element is air.

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