Zodiac Signs That Tell It Like It Is And Those Who Are Fake As Can Be

I love all you ladies but Lawd knows I cant stand a fake bxtch!


You guys see the situation as it is, if you’re mad, you’re mad. If you don’t like someone you will show it!!!

Virgos are extremely critical and if I ask them for their opinion on something they will give me constructive criticism. Never that “well that’s cool/great” fake sh*t.
Taurus’ you guys are boring as fxck but you will also never tell a lie.

You guys are very quiet but are the realest people I know, there is no hiding what you feel about someone, you will never carry on a friendship with someone you don’t like! If someone does you wrong you will tell or show them.

Its just NOT in your nature to be fake, you guys are extremely blunt often times not taking account others feeling but it is what it is!

(notable mention: capicorns, but you guys can be fake sometimes so you didn’t make the list)
NOW FOR THE FAKEST SIGNS OF THE ZODIAC (from the least to the most fakest!!!!)

You guys are so fake, but not in a “I can’t trust you” way. Just so indecisive and extremely crazy, You guys are fake because I never KNOW how you truly feel! If you’re upset don’t ACT like you don’t care.

Some of the most pathetic people I know. Maybe it’s in your nature to be nice, but I DON’T BUY IT. You guys want to please everyone, and don’t have the guts to hate anyone! Pushovers! You’re telling me you never “despised” anyone in your life? goody two shoes, even Mother Theresa hated some people in her lifetime, you big phonies.

you Fake azz hoes! Fake should be your middle name. I don’t know if its because many of you have multiple personality disorder or try to think of the good and bad side of EVERYTHING. But If I tell you that the girl we just met is a good conversationalist, don’t smile, talk to her face and when she leaves tell me she’s annoying and talks too much! You tell me you hate clubbing but then say you’re going the next night to relieve some nerves. You tell me you want to be a scientist because it’s fun, then in the next breath say it could lead to an antisocial lifestyle. MAKE UP YOUR MIND, fake people.
You guys are the NUMERO UNO, the king of fakery. If Fake is Libra’s middle name then Fake is Geminis first middle and last name. And what makes it worst is that you guys are fake in every single way. You lie too much, and exaggerate too much, I know you’re not married, hes still your boyfriend! I know you don’t make that much – stop fronting. You guys are never yourself maybe because you have 3 4 or 5 selves. When you know so much about things of this earth you can transform into many things, and fool anyone. I can’t TRUST any of you hoes, No secrets will ever be told. Two-faced people, can’t hold a secret and the next day everyone will know. Maybe it’s because you guys cant keep your mouth shut. You love to blah blah blah too much and may accidentally or purposely reveal kept secrets. It always happens with you guys, its in your nature. Congrats Geminis you guys are the fakest biatches of the zodiac.

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